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Jason Voss

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tour mishaps [Dec. 8th, 2004|02:21 pm]
Jason Voss
Patrick and I are in DC on our "New Folk Sounds of Arts and Crafts" tour. Last night we went with our friend Brandon to a place called Staccato's Piano Bar in the Adams Morgan neighborhood for their open mic night. We got there at 7 PM to sign up, just as the bar was opening. No one else showed up until close to 9 and so we hung out and waited. We were on the hunt for legendary Adams Morgan Jumbo slice and the bartender explained the situation that there were three places that had it. One was across the street and was supposed to be really greasy and gross, appealing only after one was very drunk, but he said that there were two places a few blocks down the street that were next door to each other called "Jumbo Slice" and "Original Jumbo Slice" and they were supposed to be interchangeable in terms of deliciousness. We headed over there and came to a restaurant that said "Jumbo Slice" on the front and we went in and each got a slice. The slices are about 18-20 inches long and 10 inches wide at the crust. It wasn't too bad, but it was rather cold and the quality was somewhat low. After I finished my slice, I went for a stroll up the block and noticed that the two restaurants that we were looking for were further down the block and we had inadvertently eaten at an inferior "Jumbo Slice" that the bartender failed to mention. That wasn't such a big deal, but a disappointing failure in our Jumbo Slice mission nevertheless. We came back to the bar and got ready for the open mic. The guy running the open mic seemed to be a little freaked out by my franken-guitar, which I had to mess with a little to adjust the sound. He made some comment like "What is this, a science project?" Brandon's band Jimes played first doing a song by himself and then two songs with Pat on guitar and me on piano. You can get his albums for free download going to www.geocities.com/cowjimes. The open mic guys didn't seem to like it very much. The MC said afterward "I think I speak for everyone here when I say that all I can say is WOW." I played three songs on their piano, which wasn't miked, so it was really quiet and some women were having an incredibly loud conversation making it really hard for me to play. I thought I did OK nevertheless. The open mic guy said something like "I haven't been fucked like that since grade school." I don't know what that meant really. Pat played dish fairy first, which worked pretty well over the loud conversation, but the bartender and the open mic guy got really pissed. My friend Matt from Little Rock, who came down to the bar to see us, tried to order a beer for him and me, but the bartender refused to serve him and checked him out. I guess the bartender and the open mic guy had some conversation about needing to cut Pat off, and they cut him off after his second song. When Pat asked if he could do one more, the open mike guy said "no way" and that Pat's set was like having sex with a porcupine. The bartender told Brandon and me that he wanted to talk to us outside, to which I replied "no" and ignored the fact that he walked out of the bar onto the sidewalk. It's funny how easy it is to reject falsely assumed authority like that. It's also pretty fucked up that people try to pull shit like that all of the time. We packed our stuff up and walked out where the bartender was talking to Matt about how they needed to make money and allegedly we were driving away customers. chicken_pat_pie has an alternate perspective of the night and more tour journaling than I care to do.

You may have noticed that I have alternated between the spelling "open mic" and "open mike." There is some considerable discussion about it at http://home.comcast.net/~sambayer/music/whymike.html but I'm still a lot more comfortable using "open mic."
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fancipants integrated technology allows my lj to appear on my friendster page, huh? [Dec. 8th, 2004|09:37 am]
Jason Voss
if the robots get too smart they won't want to be slaves anymore.
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(no subject) [Aug. 24th, 2004|08:35 am]
Jason Voss
you can check out a cool new song by the melting moments. the current lineup is anna & me.
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show on friday [Jul. 8th, 2004|12:25 am]
Jason Voss
this friday there will be a rock show featuring:

fort rile dog (from chicago)
jib kidder
jason voss

at oz music in ann arbor
1920 packard (just east of stadium next to big ten party store)

friday july 9
9 pm all ages $5
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(no subject) [Jun. 29th, 2004|06:03 am]
Jason Voss
i went to pizza house last night after the van show with dustin, eliza, thanksgiving, his girlfriend and cains & abels. we had an incredible feast for cheap after the waitresses misunderstood my order for "three-cheese nachos" as "three cheese nacho" and we got two extra platters for free. it's a good idea to try it the next time you want a seven-layer burrito.
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(no subject) [Jun. 3rd, 2004|02:46 am]
Jason Voss
i made the mistake of going through a section of the wcbn cd library called "world: other" this weekend. for anyone who doesn't know the genre, "world: other" is a kind of music combining celtic instrumentation with african rhythms and some other shit to make music that expresses the unity of all humans and the beauty of mother earth. that shit will fuck with your head. it's also really hard to explain to your therapist how it makes you feel about the world.

i guess i got too cocky after my extreme success dividing the section formerly known as the local section into two sections: "the local section" and "the mid-90s bar bands from sterling heights section." the latter section is filled with a lot of very good music that's really just not for us.

by anarchivist's logic, i can say right here on the internet, "black tent sounds like kraftwerk meets modest mouse," and he'd have a really vicious criticism of that music (the only one) and make fun of how much it sucks a lot. you'd expect more acceptance from someone who weasels his way into every possible show that's woefully inappropriate for boring-as-fuck derivative noise music with no real content of any kind.
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house show [Apr. 25th, 2004|03:03 pm]
Jason Voss
this monday, april 26 there will be a very cool show at 514 monroe (behind south quad) at 9 pm. the performers are:

sandman (the rappin cowboy)
ivan okay (wisconsonian pop music)
eliza beatrix godfrey (like if kelly caldwell never broke up with any boys or smoked any cigarettes)
jason voss (4-string guitar player; novice)

this is my first show ever doing this kind of thing and i will play promptly at 9, so don't be late.
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famous [Apr. 8th, 2004|01:18 pm]
Jason Voss
i got interviewed for a belgian magazine (which is written in dutch). they are printing an article about cd-r labels sometime in june. i think the interview is just for research (so none of it will be printed), but here is the interview:

Read more...Collapse )

that was the first time i ever used lj-cut. i hope i used the proper lj-cut etiquette. in other news, dustin and eliza played on the local music show last night and it was totally awesome. they did a crazy cover of "here" by pavement as well as "i think we're alone now" and "king of the road" by roger miller. i also have been working on an awesome database of ann arbor music. i have my collection all entered (about 300 records) and i'm starting on the radio station's stuff. i need to figure out how to make databases. i'm also trying to write a column for the zine "bad ideas," which is made by josh sanchez and some other local punks, so i've been setting aside some time each day to concentrate on being punk rock.

for anyone who doesn't know, next wednesday is the second in our new series of ever will you get there live performances. we're meeting at liberty plaza (formerly the "bum park" before the "cool cities initiative" got to work) at 6 pm and then walking about the streets of ace deuce. everyone is invited to come and play music, either just by jingling yr keys along with the rhythm or playing guitar and singing yr own song. i'm a little nervous because it's the first time without justin and it will be during the day when more people will be around.
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(no subject) [Apr. 4th, 2004|05:38 pm]
Jason Voss
i feel embarrassingly great about the world lately. i've smoked three cigarettes and am feeling surprisingly good about not smoking very much. yesterday, i made 30 copies of the ever will you get there cd from last monday and i gave them all away (or at stores) yesterday. i'm going to make a bunch more. let me know if you want one. i don't want to make money off of it since it was made by so many different people (some of whom i don't even know) so you can buy it for expenses or cool trades or whatever. i'm really happy with it. the ever will you get there website will be up soon. i need to figure out a plan for where to put all the websites i want to make.

if anyone wants to join a very cool arts group, caacaafony (citizens of ann arbor, concerned about art fair, organizing to nullify yuppification) is starting up for real. there is some stuff up temporarily at fairart.burningtonguerecords.com and we are planning to have a schedule of cool artsy-protesty events during art fair week. hopefully it will be the sort of thing that redefines art fair and makes it cooler instead of just protesting against it. join us.
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looking up [Apr. 2nd, 2004|07:30 am]
Jason Voss
i have written not a thing on livejournal for many moons. starting this past tuesday i have awoken between 5:30 and 6:30 AM every day (on accident). it seems like this is going to happen every day from now on. i have smoked zero cigarettes since monday at about 8 PM (a little less than 84 hours ago). once i make it through today (at midnight) i will consider phase one of not smoking over. i have been doing pushups instead. i miss smoking a lot. it was a very rewarding hobby.

this evening, the toy keyboard orchestra is performing as part of the art opening at the work gallery on state street just south of liberty. we will be seated on the roof of a full-size van in front of the gallery. we are not officially allowed to do this. it starts at 7 PM.
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