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i feel embarrassingly great about the world lately. i've smoked… - Jason Voss [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Jason Voss

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[Apr. 4th, 2004|05:38 pm]
Jason Voss
i feel embarrassingly great about the world lately. i've smoked three cigarettes and am feeling surprisingly good about not smoking very much. yesterday, i made 30 copies of the ever will you get there cd from last monday and i gave them all away (or at stores) yesterday. i'm going to make a bunch more. let me know if you want one. i don't want to make money off of it since it was made by so many different people (some of whom i don't even know) so you can buy it for expenses or cool trades or whatever. i'm really happy with it. the ever will you get there website will be up soon. i need to figure out a plan for where to put all the websites i want to make.

if anyone wants to join a very cool arts group, caacaafony (citizens of ann arbor, concerned about art fair, organizing to nullify yuppification) is starting up for real. there is some stuff up temporarily at fairart.burningtonguerecords.com and we are planning to have a schedule of cool artsy-protesty events during art fair week. hopefully it will be the sort of thing that redefines art fair and makes it cooler instead of just protesting against it. join us.